Hey, I am Adarsh

I break down problems and build solutions with code.


Strategic vs Tactical Programming - which is better?

About me

My name is Adarsh and I am a Software Engineer from Kerala, India. I currently work at Sonio.ai - a health-care AI startup that guides sonographers and sonologists in real time during fetal ultrasound scans.

I previously worked at Finiteloop.io and have interned at Tracer - a data aggregation and analytics platform and Curalike - a shopping website focused on women’s dresses.

I have experience building complex user interactions on the frontend, designing APIs, automation pipelines, deep learning models for object detection and recommendation systems.
The tools I usually work with are Python, Elixir, React, Node.js, Postgres and Docker. But I am always experimenting and trying out new tools also.

I also enjoy sharing things I know through my YouTube channel and blog. You can reach me at hello@adarshmenon.in.